Can I Like This Page if I Date Arab Men?

anti racism humorI stumbled upon this page on Facebook that was dedicated to “True White Violated Men” in Sweden (“Riktiga vita kränkta män“). A white fist illustrated the stakeholder group, and on it’s wall statements of the following kind were being made: ”

Muslims in Sweden, adjust yourselves or go home“; “Feminists are trash, haven’t you had enough?“; “How can people joke about that being a white man is not hard?

After last year’s turmoil around the party Sverigedemokraterna, many white men obviously felt the need to gather strenght collectively. The page also had critics posting on the wall, questioning the cartoons (dark-skinned people and gays), but a lot of supporters, too.

I posted a question on the wall: could I like the page, despite being a white violated woman?

The response came quickly:

Yes, you are most welcome!!” (My summery Facebook profile picture shows mostly my long, blonde hair and suntanned back.)

I replied back with a follow-up question: ”

But I usually date arab men, can I still like this page?

The admin didn’t get it and kept going:

Of course!” I could still be on this page and he recommended me to “go hard” with the Arab men, as if someone with racist stereotypes would be open for cultural integration – or as if Arab men would be interested in dating someone with racist stereotypes about them.

I kept asking stupid questions on potential limitations for my membership in the group, and when the admin finally got what was going on, the answers stopped coming.

In a few minutes all of my questions except the first one (left unanswered as the admin had deleted all of his replies) had been removed. Previous criticism by others is still left unedited on the wall, but my trick to make a fool out of them was obviously too delicate to keep.

Not that it bothers me, it actually made my day. Sometimes humor is the most dangerous weapon.

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4 thoughts on “Can I Like This Page if I Date Arab Men?

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