Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend?

heartFew things are as provocative as mixed couples. When it comes to two persons falling in love, being together, getting married, different cultures and religions might put extra weight on the two as they have to see if their life values can coexist. My own belief is that it depends a lot on the individuals whether the relationship will work out or not, if they accept each other’s differences – without trying to change the other one too much.

Many times people (not only men) have been asking me if I could date or marry someone from another culture and what my boundaries would be. The conditions are different for everyone – here’s mine.

I-wanna-date-the-awesome-Jenny check list:

I’m a religious (any religion), do you mind? No, I don’t (but you have to respect me for the secular person that I am).

If we have kids I want them to speak my language, even if you don’t speak it, is that ok? Of course, I believe everyone should know about their background and speak the language of their parents.

I would like you to learn about my culture. Sure, we’ll learn about each others.

I want to be the more dominant one in the relationship as I’m the man, it’s important to me. Nope.

That was my check list! What’s yours?

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7 thoughts on “Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend?

  1. I don’t think it’s has to do anything with culture, in my opinion it’s because of the religion, I’m a Moroccan atheist and I know a lot of Arab atheists who are culturally “very Arab” but they don’t wanna be dominant or be the boss of the relationship, this idea of man superiority is more religious than cultural, we shouldn’t blame the culture in order to be politically correct toward religion 😀 !


  2. hmmm …I got friends with imaginary names such as Rana, Roula, Eman, Noura, Radwa, Muna, Manal, Maysa…. all could eventually introduce a new variant.

    “I love u and I know u r really an amazing man and everything I’d dream of and will b damn hard to find here (KSA, Bahrain, Egypt,)… but YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN and I am a muslim… it would be hard for my family to acept a non- (bedu/gulfian/arab/….) from Spain, but they’d never accept a christian. Will you convert? …_______ ”

    Yeah…. it’s hard to be a man in these circumstances. Specially bcos I m catholic but would never ask them to convert, and would give a damn what my family thought, if I saw my future with them somewhere else.


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