Mr President, What’s Going on in Your Country?

In the suburbs of Damascus, children are gassed to death by chemical weapons, and the old city Aleppo is one of the most destroyed cities in the world, bombed by it’s own government. But in the heart of the capital the president is still holding up, selling propaganda material for you to put on your refrigerator door, as if nothing is happening.

President Bashar Al Assad on the top, and the flag of Syria.

The flag and the map of Syria edited in a heart, sentences stating things like: “I love Damascus”, “I love Hama” and, of course, “I love Bashar”.

Photos: Copyright Sweden and the Middle East Blog

2 thoughts on “Mr President, What’s Going on in Your Country?

  1. I don’t support Bashar regime but I’m sure you don’t know what is going on in Syria, what you can apply in Sweden not valid in middle east. Also, to be against regime something and the target of the opposition something else………


    • Hi! I do believe I have a good understanding of what’s going on in Syria, even if I am not informed about all the occurences – If you see the “about” section you can see that I lived in the country for a while. You might have different ideas about the Syrian government than what I do, and here we are able to express our different opinions, isn’t that great? Inside Syria none of us would be able to say much at all.


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