Don’t Talk Racist With Me Because I’m White. Please.

So there are many things you should brush off your shoulders so as not to be bitter, but when people assume I appreciate racist talk because I’m white, I get angry. The other day it happened again and I haven’t been able to let it go, despite many other nice things in my life right now.

No need to dwell on what was being said but let me make a general statement: it bothers me when you assume that since I’m white, an intolerant or racist comment will pass. It hurts me that you assume I think in these terms because of my looks. It also hurts me if you are not white and because of my skin assume I hold prejudices against you. 

I get upset when I accidently come across racist blogs with many followers. I get upset when I browse blogs and see categories such as “Whites are crazy” or blog posts called “Black scumbags” (I won’t even link to these kind of blogs here to tell you what I’m talking about).

If you ever cross my way, please don’t tell me things like the immigrants come here because of the benefits, or call Asians Pakis. Also don’t insinuate that I dislike Muslims, don’t confront me about racist Swedes because I’m not one of them (I’m more than happy to discuss the phenomenon though). I would never hold your country’s failure against you as an individual. Or what the majority of people from your group might do or think. All of it is just another hole in the already bumpy road towards coexistence.

You might not know me and my commitment to tolerance, but you shouldn’t have to know that before you judge me, because you don’t even know me

Please, just don’t do it. I don’t wanna hear itI have more important things to do than hating.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Talk Racist With Me Because I’m White. Please.

  1. When I was a postman, and it was near the time of the general election, we were given leaflets (for which we would be paid) by every one of the different parties to deliver to every house. Those of my colleagues who were black did not have to deliver the leaflets of the BNP, but I was told that I had to as it should not be a problem for me.
    The apparent view was that being white I should not find their intolerant views abhorrent.


  2. It’s no excuse, but in today’s society some people experience so much prejudice and racism that they walk around in a constant defensive state. I applaud your stance on tolerance and racism and hope no one profiles you based on your appearance. Unfortunately, many minorities feel as if “the majority” live in a bubble and all have the same close-minded view of other races but that’s not at all the case.


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