Dark Days

So December that should be a nice month even for us Christian Atheists, has been marked by dark news. There are events that are taking the world forward even if not everyone agrees on it: elections and poilitical developments, and then there’s events that the world didn’t need at all.

IS successes, well-documented by themselves on social media; the massacre in Peshawar on 151 innocent children, their teachers and their principal who tried to save them; the arson attack on two mosques in Sweden.

What is striking to me is that again and again it’s proved that most people don’t care about others if they don’t share the same skin colour, language, religion, political views. It seems so hard for some people to feel some kind of compassion and identification unless all, and I mean all, equal factors are there.

On days like these I make sure to go online and watch pages such as India Loves Pakistan or Jews & Arabs refuse to be enemies. Or remind myself and everyone else out there on the George Harrison quote:

As long as you hate, there will be people to hate.

Please remember that, haters.

Photo credit: dawn.com

14 thoughts on “Dark Days

  1. Thanks for your kindness, and remembering Peshawar tragedy, it has really shaken up Pakistani people. It is equally sad to hear about the burning of mosques in Sweden, I feel really saddened with all these events.
    I also agree on the issue of hatred and I am very conscious that hate destroys first our inner self and then goes on unleashing itself in this world.
    I wish you blessings and abundance for the holiday season and coming year, please keep doing all you do for humanity, certainly the world needs it, much more today.


  2. Very well said. Compassion and empathy for our differences is the only way to understand life and to see darkness is not there, it is us creating it everytime we thing our beliefs are better than others.


  3. Well stated! I, too, am saddened by all the violence and death around the world. It’s heartbreaking! Hatred is taught, that’s why education is so important to building a world of peace, compassion, and understanding. I think that is why those who are filled with hatred, anger and fear target students, teachers and schools.


  4. Sometimes it does seem that the whole world is full of hateful lunatics, but there are many, many kind and gentle people as well. My old pappy and I believe that the good persons are actually in the majority everywhere, but unfortunately their voices can be drowned out by the loud and ugly. We’ve all just got to keep trying to promote the good however we can.

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