The Poison

You believe you are a decent person. You believe you never do harm. Then you open your mouth and intolerance comes out.

You believe you are a tolerant person. You believe you are a humanitarian. Then you open your mouth and ignorance comes out.

You’ve never been to places. Never left your hometown, never broadened your views. You don’t have friends a different shade then your own. Never rubbed against other cultures. Never rubbed against what could be good and could be bad. Still you know everything. Know about Them and the Bad Things They Do. You open your mouth and hate comes out.

It doesn’t come from you. It comes from what seeps in everywhere. The wrongs where we once were more right. It’s the Poison.

2 thoughts on “The Poison

  1. JC, old pappy and I are not sure it’s Poison, but maybe just human nature. Unfortunately, early on we were the weaker species, and consequently we learned fear, which still dominates our nature. Education could teach us that we needn’t be fearful, but for many different reasons, our educational systems, both formal and family, do not succeed at, or even attempt this type teaching.
    We think this sad situation could be changed, but time is running out. Here in our good old U.S.ofA., we’re hoping old Bernie gets a chance to see if such drastic change is possible!


    • Bernie is too provocative for many Americans, unfortunately, I’m sure!
      Education is the most essential tool but I wonder how much it helps when Xenophobic parties are setting the agenda and making people believe what they say is being right?


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