Your Values & Loneliness

The world is falling apart and people’s minds are going downhill with it.

Intolerance are increasing everywhere. People with intolerant views believe they are finally right.

What before was off the record is now on the record. Everything is possible. Everything is true. It’s like the Holocaust never happened. WWII never happened.

You try to stick to your values anyhow. You try to stick to what’s right. Maybe not stick up for, but stick to. That’s the least you can demand from yourself.

Does it pay off? Maybe for your soul.

Does it pay off for your every day life? No.

Does it pay off for your social life? No.

Does it pay off for your relationships? No.

At the other end of sticking to your values in a time when most people don’t, comes this: loneliness.

5 thoughts on “Your Values & Loneliness

  1. Extending gratitude for your thoughtful reflections, JC, and for shouldering the responsibility of living according to your own integrity despite the costs. I’m sure you know in quiet moments that there are many others around the world who are walking a similar path – you are not alone. Sending hugs and gratitude. ❤


  2. Please, JC, you are too firm a voice for love and goodness. Please don’t let yourself get so depressed! We can’t help what others do, but we can control our reactions to them. There are many more people in this old world who agree with you than you might think. Just now, unfortunately, the naysayers are having their resurgence, as is always the case of periods of uncertainty. Peoples’ fears are being stoked by media looking for “ratings,” and unfit politicians hoping to capitalize on those fears. Know that you are not alone, though.


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