Return of the Madness

This poster was shared with me by a Jewish friend living in US. The poster supposedly preceded

the right winged extremist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, where one person was killed and 19 injured by one of the extremists.

Does the poster need any comment? Or can we just get a hands up from everyone who understands that what is going on is a return of a madness?

One thought on “Return of the Madness

  1. We are happy to see you back, JC, though we can only apologize for all the fear and hatred “floating” around this old country of ours. We are still hopeful that eventually logic will prevail. Buster believes that a new third political party may now be possible, and we will do our best to gather people of good cheer to form one.
    Maybe we can all try to follow old Winney’s advice, and “Stay Calm and Carry On. Our best wishes to you and dear Sweden, Buster and walt.
    PS:We couldn’t “like” your post – the thoughts behind the poster are just too gross.

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