3 thoughts on “Another Side of Damascus

  1. You made me want to cry from yearning to Damascus and it’s people and it’s air,
    I am Dimashqy(from Damascus),

    I dream every day of the Red Roses and the Dimashqi Jasmine and the absolute beauty and magnificence of some 20 other kinds of plants that was living in my apartment’s 4-5 sq.meter balcony, which was destroyed a few months ago when my house was hit with a rocket(probably) from Assad’s army

    A second of air in my lungs coming from Damascus is worth a hundred years of living anywhere else, this is how much i miss Damascus

    Damascus, The City of Jasmine, Dimashq, Ash-Sham, or as i call it: The place where i feel Home.


    • It’s a wonderful city with amazing people… I wish too that you can return to your home and smell the scents again… But I think it might take a while.


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