Remembering Old Palestine in Photos

Photographs is a great way for knowing something that was without having been there.

Agricultural memory of Palestine is a Facebook page dedicated to show the world the agricultural heritage of Palestine through photos. Their shared images range from late 1800s up until the 1960s, and show men and women working in the fields and on the markets in the cities. The page were happy for me to write about them as they want to share their photos with the world. This is how they describe themselves:

“Our belief in the need to maintain the Palestinian memory, our goal is to strengthen the identity and belonging to the homeland and the cause. Through the page ‘Agricultural Memory of Palestine’ we highlight the heritage and agricultural history as part of an important and original aspect of our culture and the Palestinian identity.”

So what did Palestine once look like? Have a tour among the shared memories.

Girls of Betlehem 1890

Girls in Betlehem, 1890.

Peasants from Ramallah who fill water tractor-1900 m

Peasants in Ramallah collecting water, 1900.

Betlehem market 1931

Betlehem market, 1931.

Ber Sheva halal market in 1960s

Ber Sheva halal market in the 1960s.


Girls, place and year unknown.

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