“Dream of Dawn” – Music Video from Gaza

To all music lovers: the Gaza group Typo Band’s song “Dream of Dawn”, in Arabic with subtitles in English. Watch the beautiful footage in the video, hear the song and in case you don’t speak Arabic, read the poetic lyrics as you listen.

Change the common concept of love and freedom

Don’t leave it the way it is

Write on people’s hearts: ‘I exist’

Tear the fear out of their souls with your kind look

Write on people’s hearts: ‘I exist’

2 thoughts on ““Dream of Dawn” – Music Video from Gaza

  1. Hi, JC, This is old Buster and his even older pappy, emerging from a brief period of exasperation. The idiotic political climate here in the good old USofA is becoming almost suffocating! Anyway, we haven’t even been able to pull together a blog for over a month. However, we have seen your efforts, and must say they are heart-warming! The Baklava gal’s story and “your own private light” were beautiful. Your reference to “the projects” was of particular interest to old pappy because in the city where he lived much of his life there were places with the same unpleasant sounding name. Only instead of “warehousing” immigrants, here in the states, they are usually home to the poor minority citizens, and are mostly forgotten by most more fortunate people.
    Unfortunately, investing in youth (as with “your kids”) seems to be only a slogan for politicians seeking office, certainly not a reality! This situation is most egregious, and must be changed if the world is to survive.
    Thank you for the “Dream of Dawn” video; it is amazing! For people in Gaza to be able to produce such a wonderful message gives us hope! If only people living in much better circumstances would adopt such an attitude!!


    • Hi Buster, nice to hear from you again! Sorry to hear you had a hard time, hope things are on track again? Thank you for your heartwarming comments and yes, it’s a global trend to promise efforts to the young ones and then forget all about it when entering the office. Best wishes to you both!


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