Also Me I Condemn the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, But I Don’t Glorify the Cartoons


Charlie Hebdo cartoon portraying Nigerian girls taken by sex slaves by Boko Haram to be claiming their welfare benefits

My last blog post received comments wondering if I excused the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Of course I don’t, I’m just very worried with an increasing polarization worldwide.

I think the massacre was horrifying. I have been deeply saddened and upset by the video of Ahmed Marabet raising his hands to the killers to show he’s giving up and them answering with shooting him in the head. I could hardly believe the details from the first massacre and it took time before I could read all the details from it. My stomach turned when I knew about the four innocent people killed in the kosher shop.

I don’t justify any killings of anyone, I believe you can be a dictator, mass murderer or cartoonist drawing stereotypical images of minorities, and still no one has the right to kill you. I also think that the police should have made more efforts to arrest the Kouachi brothers alive together with Coulibaly, so that they would have been held accountable for their disgusting crimes and spend the rest of their lives in prison. Getting away with death was too easy on them. But that doesn’t mean I will agree on the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo published. And republishing them in masses of newspapers in response to the massacres, or using the hashtag #killallmuslims, will probably push more young, angry and confused people into the welcoming arms of extremists.

I asked in the last blog post, written just right after the killings, if the murderers were confused young Muslim immigrant men, and they turned out to be – with the interesting addition that they were orphans. It doesn’t surprise me the slightest. I’ve known plenty of young angry men, and they are never from happy circumstances. If they were, they wouldn’t be so angry. What else is, there’s many of them and they will easily be affected by the increased polarization.

Also me I condemn the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but I won’t glorify the cartoons. They were striking towards already exposed minorities. That wasn’t the sole reason for the massacre, but nothing good comes out of it.