The Country of Kuwait Before the Americans Moved In

There was a Kuwait even before the American troops went in 1991 to kick out the Iraqi occupiers. Kuwait is a source to a rich culture and heritage: it contained different tribes with different traditions, music and tales, beduoins living off the sea where they were fishing for food and pearls that they traded in one of their many travels around the Gulf region. But much of it has gotten lost to the outside world. What many foreigners see in Kuwait is the many fastfood restaurants and the malls that popped up en masse after the Americans came in and stayed on.

A Kuwaiti friend of mine is dedicated to show the Kuwaiti culture and it’s from him that I have received these photos. He doesn’t have the copyright he has himself received them through social websites, so I decided to share them on. The descriptions of the photos are from my friend.

A Kuwaiti trader with dependents to another 1930s

Kuwaiti traider with dependents, 1930s

Bedouin weaving Kuwait

Bedouin weaving, year unknown

kuwait year unknown

Year unknown

Kuwait 2 1961

Kuwait 1961

Kuwait 1961

Kuwait 1961

unknown 5

Year unkown

unknown 7

Year unknown

Photo copyrights: unknown

9 thoughts on “The Country of Kuwait Before the Americans Moved In

  1. Reblogged this on Buster's Two Cents and commented:
    Yes, Jenny, that’s part of our “American exceptionalism,” spreading fast food and consumerism around the world. By the way, many people, our own politicians included, make the mistake of calling the US America. The Americas includes much more, and we haven’t been able to wreck all of it yet.


  2. Just caught up with the “Black Friday Shopping Riots” in jolly old England. Pappy and I hadn’t realized just how successful we colonials have been in exporting our trademarked idiotic and conspicuous consumption habit.


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